I am so happy to have found such an outstanding place to retire.

Gunnar Vanags

I am so happy to have found such an outstanding place to retire as Woodland Terrace of Carmel.

I am thankful for…

- My fellow residents who meet me with a cheerful “hello” and a happy smile.

- The team of employees who are always helpful and proud of the work they are doing.

- The dining staff who prepare delicious and healthy meals daily.

- The friendly management team who make Woodland Terrace operate efficiently day and night for the well-being and comfort of the residents.

We found a beautiful new home here.

Dan & Susan Miller

At 76 my wife and I decided we were beginning to age and might at some point need support. Since our son and his family are living in Carmel, we asked him to look for a place in Carmel to which we could move. After a couple of months of searching by him, he highly recommended Woodland Terrace and sent us some pictures and information. After we moved, we found a beautiful new home here! One of the best features for us was the number and variety of daily planned activities. My wife is not satisfied unless she is busy most of the day. I had a hard time providing this on my own. The food is excellent with specials in the evening to ensure variety in an already broad menu. Another great feature is the built-in safety and security. All the bathrooms are equipped with grab bars and we have a pendant with a button to push to call for help. And, there are three levels of support to enable us to choose what we need now and increase it in the future without moving again. Last, we were homeowners. Now we have no mortgage payment, no property tax payment, no maintenance costs and no payments for water, gas, electricity, lawn mowing, house cleaning help, or Internet or TV service. We have greatly enjoyed Carmel, seeing our grandchildren more often, and the comfort and support we found at Woodland Terrace. We highly recommend it!

I know I made the right choice.

Susan Mills

It really isn’t difficult to comment positively about my new home at Woodland Terrace. For eight years after my husband died, I had the full responsibility of maintaining the house in Carmel. I was ready for a change! After looking at several independent senior living communities, I discovered Woodland Terrace. I was immediately impressed with the management team! They were very willing to answer all of my questions and were very professional.


Once I became a resident I knew I had made the right choice. I love my apartment. The staff is so friendly and helpful. I’m enjoying the exercise classes that are offered. I have helped start a bridge group that meets weekly, and I have made good friends here. In addition, I like the flexibility of having multiple dining rooms. The grounds are well maintained and the rooftop terrace and the courtyard are beautiful. This place feels like home! I think any person considering an independent senior living community should visit here to see all the amenities that Woodland Terrace has to offer.

I didn’t want to feel like I was in a "facility".

Barbara Brookie

If someone asked me what I like best about Woodland Terrace – I would have to say, quite a few things! I looked at three other Independent living communities and this kept being first —  the location, all that it offers to its residents, the layout of the apartments, how attractive it is inside (the lobby, little art gallery, multiple dining venues to choose from, on every floor the halls are painted a different color, etc.


All of the personnel are so friendly. Everyone always has a smile — so for someone who didn’t want to leave my home, this has really helped me. I didn’t want to feel like I was in a “facility.” I like the way the exercise classes are set up and conducted. There are so many things to take part in if you want to. So, if any of my friends who are still in their homes talk of moving I will recommend Woodland Terrace.

You won’t be disappointed!

Janice Owens

What I love the most are the friendly, caring people and staff. I chose Woodland Terrace to be close to family and because I really like the apartments. There is also plenty of closet space! I’ve lived at two other senior communities and Woodland Terrace is responsive and helpful and they follow through with actions and activities. I really enjoy the music here at Woodland Terrace. Allegra’s classes and activities are enjoyable and interesting. Come visit! You won’t be disappointed!

We needed the added security.

Loren & Phyllis Goodman

Woodland Terrace is different because staff members, from all departments, have been trained to render assistance to those needing help. We moved here aware there would be a trained nursing staff, in case of an emergency. In other words, we needed the added security Woodland Terrace could offer. We are extremely happy with our apartment. Highlights include adequate size and storage, laundry facilities within our unit, kitchen appliances of high quality and size, ease of adjusting apartment temperature, and, finally, there is little disturbance from noise within the building. We find the apartment easy to keep neat, but having routine housekeeping services is something we look forward to. Having a patio within easy reach from our living room is certainly a feature worth mentioning. We not only spend time enjoying the fresh air, but having a courtyard view is pleasant to the eyes.


The unique concept the way meals are presented at Woodland Terrace makes it impressive compared to other facilities that offer “steamer” foods, at pre-determined times, and difficult for those with diet restrictions to make wise choices. We felt welcomed immediately when restaurant staff remembered our names after serving us only a few times.


Of great importance to a senior’s well being is the variety of fitness classes offered with a certified trainer, and a Fitness Center with quality and up to date workout machines available 24 hours a day. To keep our minds active, there are a variety of classes and programs offered on a daily basis – the monthly calendar lists all with times and location.


We do not feel trapped inside the building day in and day out because ground transportation offers trips to shopping centers, grocery and drug stores, restaurants, library and other venues. In addition, transportation is available to and from medical appointments.


Last but not least is the management and staff, all of who are dedicated to provide service as needed with a smile.



Employees make dining a pleasure.

Jane Williams

It is with pleasure I would like to tell you about your dining room and kitchen employees. The food is outstanding! The friendly, courteous, happy and thoughtful employees make dining a pleasure. Hannah makes the dining rooms run perfect. She never gets flustered when we all descend on her at the same time. She just takes it in stride. Hannah always stops by to see how your food is or was and really listens. Her positive attitude comes out in the others working with her, of course how special, Nikki, Andrew, Chris, Jay and Kiara. I hope I have included everyone. Every once in awhile the chefs pop out of the kitchen and we have a chance to tell them how good their food is. I think you have gathered the best for us. I feel Chef Paul has a lot to do with this.

I am impressed with the way you run Woodland Terrace. Everyone is happy. You see… I could go on and on about Amy, the angel who comes over every two weeks to shine my apartment up. I must also mention the therapy department and the great staff you there. Aretoula is perfect as are the gentlemen helping with therapy. Gregg has the patience of Job and just keeps encouraging me. I’ll get there.



I don’t need to be concerned with home or yard maintenance.

Bruce Pickens

I like Woodland Terrace of Carmel because I don’t need to be concerned about home or yard maintenance. My rent includes all utilities and property taxes and I have maintenance as needed.


The staff of Woodland Terrace of Carmel are so able and professional in their positions. They are quick to help in any way I need assistance.


Newcomers are warmly welcomed.

Helen & Ed Sing

We are most thankful the friendliness at Woodland Terrace. Newcomers are warmly welcomed and included in the daily routine, including activities, outings, etc.

We are also thankful for…

- The staff who work for our well-being, smooth our road, and resolve the problems if necessary.

- The staff who work constantly to keep the building looking well at all times in spite of daily busy traffic.

- The thoughtful selection of delicious food in first floor dining room and the quick items at the coffee in the bistro. There’s something to please every palate.

- The music provided by Lou Newman playing the piano daily for our enjoyment and who is sometimes is joined by her husband Lenny playing the accordion.

- The great variety of activities, clubs, outings and exercises to participate in daily depending on the person’s interests.

Couldn’t have made a better decision.

Barbara Cohen

It’s hard to believe I’ve been here for a year and a half. I remember being apprehensive about how this major move would turn out, but for sure, couldn’t have made a better decision. Hearing so many residents talk about living in other assisted living communities and moving to Woodland Terrace rates 100% with them!

I love my two-bedroom apartment. It is so roomy and comfortable in every respect. And of course, the kitchen is perfect, especially when I feel like doing a little cooking or baking. I know I really did the right thing in moving here.

I’ve met so many lovely residents and that in itself takes away any loneliness one might feel in a new place. I couldn’t find a better place to live. Oh, I almost forgot to mention what’s really important, the entire staff is really wonderful and couldn’t be nicer! They are great!!